MemeticSwap is an emerging DEX, DeFi, and GameFi ecosystem built on the Proof-of-Memes (POM) blockchain with a focus on retaining a secure, fast, and user-friendly experience, while introducing novel approaches and ideas to the space.
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Lowest Trading Fees

Only 0.2% trading fees. Our goal is to mizimize the cost of trading thus greatly increasing arbitrage opportunities, ultimately accruing value to the platform in the form of increased volume.

LP Farms

Our farms reward users with $MEMETIC tokens for providing liquidity, and staking LP tokens. Different pools have variable rates of return, based on the risk and volatility of the assets they're comprised of.


Staking is a way to earn rewards by locking up your $MEMETIC tokens for xMEMETIC tokens. Rewards are automatically compounded within the staking pool. When you redeem your xMEMETIC you'll get back your initial $MEMETIC tokens plus the accrued rewards.

Mining Game

Our upcoming mining game is a fun way to earn $MEMETIC tokens. Built on top of our DEX, MemeticMines aims to bring the right amount of gamification to the platform.

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